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Conference Papers

Welcome to the AILA conference paper library, covering 30 years of the Association. If you are looking for a specific paper, please use the search bar at the top right of the screen.


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APIC17 The Hon Justice Anthony John Meagher - Insurance and the Courts 236.00K 26-Oct-17

APIC17 Simon Goh - The Duty of Utmost Good Faith Then and Now 2.33M 26-Oct-17

APIC17 Neil Campbell - Inherent Vice 514.37K 26-Oct-17

APIC17 Meryl Lieberman - Managing and Mitigating Litigation Risk in the US 2.82M 26-Oct-17

APIC17 Justice Quentin Loh - Keynote Paper 145.53K 26-Oct-17

APIC17 Justice Loh - Regional Initiatives for insurance regulatory integration and developments in international dispute resolution 2.43M 26-Oct-17

APIC17 Ian Anderson & Mark McGurran - Marine Insurance Claims Trends 716.12K 26-Oct-17

APIC17 David Piesse - Blockchains in production 5.57M 26-Oct-17

APIC17 Cameron Green - Casualty Catastrophes 1.63M 26-Oct-17

APIC17 Ashish Jain - Role of Catastrophe Modeling 4.62M 26-Oct-17

APIC7 Phil Taylor & Nick Sykes - Managing Business Interruption following a cyber attack 3.34M 26-Oct-17

If We’re Game, We Can Change: Nigel Wilson - 2016 National Conference 297.07K 31-Jan-17

Barmaids, Bouncers and Teachers… Vicarious Liability for Intentional Criminal Wrongdoing by Employees in Australia: Mark Livesey - 2016 National Conference 703.45K 31-Jan-17

SECTIONS 13(1) AND 14(1) OF THE ICA UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Greg Pynt - 2016 National Conference 544.20K 31-Jan-17

THE GLEESON HIGH COURT AND TORT LAW: Geoffrey Watson - 2016 National Conference 525.89K 31-Jan-17

The Hon. Justice Kenneth Hayne: 2015 National Conference Opening Address 46.69K 07-Dec-15

The Comparison Websites of Insurance Products: Evidence from the European Union - Pierpaolo Marano 157.79K 12-Nov-15

Sporting Injuries and Voluntary Assumption of Risk - Danny Masel & Diana Costaras 572.47K 12-Nov-15

Product Design & Pricing: Inlfuence of Regulation & Law - Ian Enright & Rob Merkin 242.78K 12-Nov-15

Natural Catastophe Events: Reinsurance Perspective - Jimi Groom 640.83K 12-Nov-15

Management of Risk: Mass Participation and Sporting Events - Stephen Goss 7.13M 12-Nov-15

Insurance Comparitors: Objectivity & Regulation - Chriss Rodd 469.12K 12-Nov-15

Cyber Risk and Emerging Risk: Management Strategy - Glenn Crombie & Jennifer Richards 1.73M 12-Nov-15

Claims Management and CAT Response - Marc Gibson 741.16K 12-Nov-15

Product Governance and Intervention - Matt Ellis 394.55K 12-Nov-15

Head Injuries in Sports Litigation in the United States - Meryl Lieberman 1.08M 12-Nov-15

WA Feb 2014 - Ethics after Settlement Negotiations 02 02 14 8.65 MB 10-Mar-14

20131918 WP Reinsurance Fred_Hawke 445.64 KB 24-Sep-13

20130920 Insurance Contracts Act Peter_Mann_and_Mathew_Kaley 195.72 KB 24-Sep-13

20130920 Emerging Risks John_Campbell 2.19 MB 24-Sep-13

20130920 Emerging Risks Gabor_Jaimes 5.53 MB 24-Sep-13

20130920 Cyber Insurance Paul_Black 6.70 MB 24-Sep-13

20130920 ABC of Insurance Robert_Merkin 49.16 KB 24-Sep-13

20130919 View from a Broker Dallas_Booth_Full_Paper 166.36 KB 24-Sep-13

20130919 View from a Broker Dallas_Booth 193.07 KB 24-Sep-13

20130919 The New Sutton on Insurance Robert_Merkin 113.12 KB 24-Sep-13

20130919 Dire_Consequences_of_Consequential_Loss 2.64 MB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Reinsurance_Regulation_in_Australia_-_an_Overview_2013_130913_Mark_Radford 406.62 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Reinsurance Tim_Griffiths 465.33 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Reinsurance Rob_Merkin 58.88 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Reinsurance Radek_Stech_Rob_Merkin 37.49 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Reinsurance Ozlem_Gurses 403.50 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Reinsurance Mark_Radford 138.66 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Motor Vehicle and Climate Change AIDA_CCWP_+_MIWP_JT_MEETING_-_18.9.13_SYDNEY 72.27 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Motor Vehicle and Climate Change AIDA_CCWP_+_MIWP_-_JT_MEETING_SYDNEY_18.9.13_-_TH_presentation 605.07 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Marine Stuart_Hetherington 337.53 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Marine Satoshi_Nakaide 186.57 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Marine Robert_Koch 156.02 KB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Marine Hiroaki_Kobayashi 3.29 MB 24-Sep-13

20130918 WP Marine Gilbert_Lee 273.00 KB 24-Sep-13



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